"Surviving Burkitt's"
(in 4 parts, see below), the documentary film about Scott and going to the original source and discovery of Burkitt's Lymphoma cancer in Malawi, seeing the effects of the disease in young African children and how help and resources are needed. The film shows the wonderful work being done by Professor Elizabeth Molyneux and all her nurses and doctors at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre. The film was inspired and brought together by Professor Beverly Griffin of the Imperial College, and sensitively directed and filmed by Alex Tweedle, Director/Producer and James Buck, Cinematographer. (See Further Report on the Trip to Malawi, June 10,2010 on the Events page.)

Burkitt's dvd 01
Surviving Burkitt's Part 1

Burkitt's dvd 02
Surviving Burkitt's Part 2

Burkitt's dvd 03
Surviving Burkitt's Part 3

Burkitt's dvd 04
Surviving Burkitt's Part 4