Scott Hampton Tennis tournament 2018

Thank you Westside for your continued support to the Scott Hampton Annual Charity Tennis Tournaments… a fantastic turnout of over 40 players creating a great atmosphere of a fun afternoon’s play. The tournament was run with great expertise by Mary Ogilvie… creating the Blue and Green Groups.

Congratulations to the Winners!!  Men & Ladies

Blue Group… Dom Phaiwong… Karen Bailey
Green Group… Simon Joseph… Jo Bowen

Trish Saunders was my chief helper making sure everyone bought their raffle tickets following through to the prize giving and overall running of a fantastic afternoon of tennis and fun.
Liza Roe’s great baker of the delicious cakes… over saw the stall of yummy cakes also from Mo, Emma and Liz… and enjoyed by all… thank you so much. 
Everyone’s generosity in spirit and kindness was very much appreciated.
Sticks N Sushi… The Crooked Billet… Headmasters… SweatyBetty… Ely’s… Percentage Sports… PWP… and all of you who gave gifts for the Raffle and made your contribution to Scott’s Charity… we hugely appreciate your generous support.
The days event creates an amazing energy which grows.
Thank you Gael for being there throughout and Ben popping up on the day!
Thank you Westside 
Stephanie and Wade Hampton 

Friday September 6th evening Junior Scott Hampton Tournaments

Alison Taylor organised a Round Robin of U10 & U14 Boys (& 1 girl) event of terrific Junior players… who all played strong competitive games.
After over two hours of non stop playing the winners came through… triumphant!
14U Archie Adams 

The photographs attached all tell their story

wade Hampton See the tournament pictures by clicking on the gallery

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Well done and very well played and thank you to Alison for her time and support to Scott’s Charity.
Thank you
Stephanie & Wade

Scott Hampton Tennis tournament 2018

What a fabulous turnout despite the relentless rain… thank you so much to Westside once again for their amazing spirit and support. It was wonderful to watch all the players dripping wet but undeterred and having great competitive games!! Just made the day even more special.

With out the many helpers and contributors the event could not have happened… so many, many thank yous to Trish (many raffle prizes and selling), Gayle (auction bidder for Ian’s painting), Elisabeth (great Queen Tournament organiser), Joe (BBQ king), Liza(cakes and auction racket plus), Peng(cakes), Jane (Horses Whispering auction gift), Jenny(raffle), Jo( raffle), Béatrice (raffle), Sophie (poster creator), Colin (sports clothes), and Ian (gorgeous signed painting)… all huge in their time, support and donations to the raffle and auction prizes.
Many many thanks to Wilson sports for the fabulous tennis racket… plus the generous vouchers from StickNSuchi, Crooked Billet, Headmasters and Sweaty Betty… much appreciated.

To all the player’s  contribution in spirit and enthusiasm making the event so much fun!!

Congratulations to the Winners…
Sarah Kraft Ladies Winner
Caroline Joy
Ladies Runner Up
Tim Milner
Men’s Winner  
Robin Young
Men’s Runner Up
Robin Young 
Most games played Winner

A special big thank you to Alison Taylor for making the Junior event happen… an important part of the Scott Hampton Charity.

Congratulations to the winners of the 10U Junior Tournament 
Neo ARMUS  Winner
James Oxley Finalist
And to all the competitors who played in the rain never complaining and playing in a professional and high standards. Thank you for taking part.

The photographs attached all tell their story

wade Hampton See the tournament pictures by clicking on the gallery

< Click on the image (left) to view the photo gallery

A very memorable day and we have upwards and counting £1,500.00… all thanks to the outstanding support from Westside and the generous donations for the Raffle tickets and Auction… all proceeds go straight to the Scott Hampton Foundation Research for BURKITT’S Lymphoma which is contributing towards to Rituximab trials with children with BURKITT’S at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre Malawi.

Many many thanks
Stephanie and Wade

The Scott Hampton Foundation is continuing its commitment and support
to the Rituximab study and research with children with BURKITT’S Lymphoma
cancer at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital
in Blantyre Malawi.

The study is going well so far. All donations and funds raised over the past years are contributing to this very important research being carried out by the amazing professors and doctors.


BSc, MBChB, PhD, FRCPath



@ Queen Elizabeth Hospital Blantyre Malawi

Alfie aged 9 years old whose grandfather died of BURKITT’S Lymphoma in January 2016 decided to raise money for Scott’s Charity and help the children with BURKITT’S in the Blantyre hospital in Malawi by having his hair cut the last day of the summer term. With the help of his grandma Pam he collected sponsors… invited the local newspapers and had his beautiful red locks cut!! He has collected over £500.00 so far.

A great achievement for such a young chap and his grandfather would be very proud of him… we are very proud of him.
We first met the Alford family at the London marathon 2016 when the wonderful Joni Bacon was running for Scott… and Pam had been in touch with the Foundation to talk about her loss and trying to understand the awful BURKITT’S cancer.
Alfie’s contribution means a great deal to us and for the memory of his grand father.

See the photos of before and after loss of locks…

Alfie with long hair

Scott Hampton 12th Annual Charity Tournament @ WestsideLTC:
Sat 30th Sept - Sun 1st Oct 2017.

See the tournament pictures by clicking on the gallery

< Click on the image (left) to view the photo gallery

Thank you Westside for making the Scott Hampton Charity event so very special and so much fun.
What a fantastic turnout of enthusiastic players and so many familiar faces of past years and old friends of Scott's. The generosity of the Raffle & Auction donations by so many people was tremendous and so appreciated by us.

Congratulations to the tennis winners…

Blue Group:
Runner up, MARK HUNTER

Red Group:

The event would not have happened without the time and support by many people on the day and the weeks before.
Huge thanks to MARY OGILVIE for being referee and tennis organiser supreme... getting the players on to the 10 courts and with the sound of the bell play began!!
The sales of the Raffle tickets were thanks to the great energy of
TRISH, SOPHIE, ALISON and help of Christina and Jill. The wonderful sort after prizes were the very kind gifts from...
Well done to the AUCTION bidders and thanks for your generosity…
Thank you to SOPHIE, JILLIE, UNA & RUTH for your delicious cakes and brownies and to LIZA ROE and her boxes of tasty goodies and support. And thank you JOE for your scrumptious burgers and being there…
Many many thanks to
NATALIE HOSTOMBE for her time, consideration and help over the weeks and on the day, meant a lot. And to SOPHIE for her lovely poster.


Sunday October 1st.
Organised by ALISON TAYLOR

This was a terrific turnout of very talented boys and girls who had traveled from far and wide to take part… the standard was great to watch and played in such a professional manner.
This is ALISON TAYLOR's hard work that has made the Scott Hampton Junior Charity event an officially recognised LTA Ratings Tournament over the years and been won in the past by young players who have gone on to achieve at a high level.

This year was no exception… the Boys 10U Winner was. CASSIUS HAYE accompanied by his Dad… World Champion Boxer DAVID HAYE. He was so excited to see his son win… was very cool and a real buzz for everyone.



Thank you ALISON for your very special time and energy for making SCOTT's Junior Tournaments such a success and fun competition. A special memory for SCOTT.

This is so amazing that all WESTSIDE's time, energy and enthusiasm makes this Annual event so important to the SCOTT HAMPTON FOUNDATION FOR BURKITTS RESEARCH fund raising.
You have all contributed to the sum of £1,600:00 and counting...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Stephanie and Wade Hampton

Scott Hampton 11th Annual Charity Tournament @ WestsideLTC on Saturday October 15th.

See the tournament pictures by clicking on the gallery

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We had a fantastic afternoon with 32 players turning up to join in the fun… Players were put into teams named after Tennis Greats… Roger Federer, Serena Williams, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, Andre Agassi and our very own Roger Taylor!!

The fast 4 format was played… both doubles and singles… and some of our junior players outplaying their older opponents… great fun and atmosphere and the sun shone right up to the last round… when the heavens opened… just in time for tea and cake/burger… and the round up of who the winning team was… our very own ROGER TAYLOR team!!

I was then able to thank all the amazing Westside members how their support directly helps our on going contribution to BURKITT'S research.
Thank you for those Raffle ticket buyers and for all the great donated prizes… some lucky winners… Prince racquet and T shirts, Neal Yard goodies, Sweaty Betty and Strada vouchers, Headmasters voucher, Harrods Whiskey from Totus, several ladies tennis gear, handbags from Natalie, crystal glasses from Shirley, Thai shawl from Diane and many more… thank you one and all for your kind generosity.

The one big donated prize from Katrina of 2 box tickets including drink and food at the ATP Men's Final @ the 02 on November 20th has a silent bid… wow what a fantastic gift!! greatly appreciated… and lucky couple who wins the final bid.

A very big thank you to Jenny Hong for her time and amazing organising making the tournament so successful and great fun for everyone.
Thank you Alison for your continued support.
Thank you Liza, Sophie and Sarah for your delicious cakes and of course Joe's burgers. And Maggie for selling so many Raffle tickets…

Most of all a very big thank you to the fabulous Westside players who made Scott's day so special and contributed to raise over £1,100.00 for the Scott Hampton Foundation for BURKITT'S Research.

PS. The total amount made from the Scott Hampton Tennis Tournaments including added contributions is nearing the £2,000.00 mark…!!!

Best wishes and many thanks
Stephanie and Wade

It is so exciting to know that this event is an established annual calendar Junior Tennis Ratings event.

See the tournament pictures by clicking on the gallery

< Click on the image (left) to view the photo gallery

Thanks to Alison Hannah and Westside LTC continued support to host the tournament.
Saturday September 17th @ 10.30am...
16 boys turned up at the club on time...
to take part.

A high spirited intense play was immediately underway on 6 courts... the standard of competition very impressive... this went on without little break until 4pm... some very tired boys battling the last point out... some emotions getting stretched... But the 2 finalist stood out with terrific play and court control.

Congratulations to the

& many congratulations to the


We are so happy and proud for Scott and his memory and the Charity in his name. Thank you so much Alison for your time and care...
(and thanks to Sarah and Trish for their help).
Stephanie and Wade.

With a red tee shirt featuring Scott's smiling face… no 52887 Joni Bacon waved goodbye as he set off with all the other thousands of runners at 10am from Greenwich Park… a long run ahead!!
4 hours 12 minutes 04 seconds later Joni crossed the Finishing line… triumphant!!!! Joni Bacon starting the London Marathon 2016Image above of Joni at the start of the race

Joni ran the race in memory of Scott for the first time 10 years ago… 6 months after Scott died.
This support and love has continued over the years and Joni has been given unfailing support and love from Annabel and his 3 gorgeous kids… twins Otis and Iris and toddler Theo… thank you all for those many long hours of training in the cold and rain… and waiting for Daddy to come home…
The Scott Hampton Foundation for BURKITTS Lymphoma Research is very grateful to the huge generosity of everyone's donations supporting Joni… the target figure was smashed and was pushing towards £3,000.00 mark with all the additions.

THANK YOU ALL for being part of the day.

We have a special story that makes the occasion even more poignant. Joni was also running in memory of Steve Alford who died of Burkitts Lymphoma this January.
Pam Alford
Photo above of Pam Alford

We got an email from his wife Pam telling us his story and how she had found Scott's website, which had helped them understand this terrible cancer and immediately focused on raising money to support Joni.

Jodie her niece trained to be a boxer for 8 weeks and won her first ever match… donating her winnings to Joni, and Pam gave the donations raised from Steve's funeral… how moving and amazing. Pam, her sister, Wayne her son and Jodie travelled down from Birmingham on Sunday and stood waving their large flag as Joni ran by… please see the photos that tell all the stories. We all met at a pub in Victoria after the race.
The happy party of supporters gathered to celebrate Joni's triumphant run were the Kiakides… Kimberley, Theo, Eliane, Rafi and Cecelia with the Bacon family Annabel, Otis, Iris and Theo… Boo and Michelle Holmes and Pam Alford and her family ,sister, son Wayne and Jodie her niece.

Much to celebrate.
Click on the thumbnail image on the left
to the gallery

London Marathon April 24th 2016

Joni Bacon marathon 2016Joni Bacon is running the London marathon for the second time in memory of Scott and for the Foundation Charity in his name. The first time was 2006… 6 months after Scott had died.
Joni is a wonderful friend of Scott's and has supported us, Scott's memory and his Charity unfailing over the past 10 years…

It would mean so much to us if YOU and any friend or associate were to sponsor JONI and support him running the marathon.
All donations go straight to this Charity… and directly to the work we are involved in.
Please send marathon donations to the official site… please click on the link in red below:

Thank you very much, Stephanie and Wade

The 10th Scott Hampton Annual Charity Tennis Tournaments, October 3rd 2015 at Westside LTC

See the tournament results by clicking on the gallery
< Click on the image (left) to view the photo gallery

What a brilliant day…
so much fun enjoyed by the great turnout of players!! A fabulous TEAM effort lead by the inspiration of ALISON TAYLOR ...and superbly supported by her "coach captains"!!

South Africa - Peter Mojzis/Tinus Nortje;
New Zealand - Luis Plaza/Edita Raca;
England - Stephen Ellis-Smith/Sam Ketterer;s
Wales - Michael Contofalsky/Roger Taylor;
Scotland - Alison Taylor/Austin Coventry looking dashing and fabulous in his kilt…;
Australia - Justin Johal/Elizabeth James

The format of the World Teams with the interval twist of "drills" created a wonderful atmosphere and energy for over 2 and half hours!!…

And great jubilation and cheers for the winning

Steve Anderson, Amanda Shepard, Graeme Crowder, Jenny Irvine, Jillie Hardie & Trish Saunders

The BOYS 12 & UNDER Tournament

A very strong competition of talented players. Those taking part showed a high standard of professionalism and potential…
Sebastian Blaize, Freddie Plummer, Joshua Taylor, Joseph Joyce, Oliver Hampson-Evans, Jago Bluett, Jacob Lovell, Finlay Matheson, Arthur Ewins, Igor Boyev, Thomas de la Chaise, Joseph Maurici, Henri Beauvilian

FINALIST (for the second time!). JOSHUA TAYLOR

The day ended with Roger Taylor (thank you!!) in charge of the Auction and Raffle Prizes leading the crowd to be amazingly generous in their bidding and making this such a very special event.

This could not have happened without the support of Westside and being the 10th year was a landmark of extraordinary achievement to raise funds which are now very actively contributing to the important trials on children with BURKITTS lymphoma cancer in Malawi.

Our enormous thanks to ALISON TAYLOR for her inspiration, time and enthusiasm for making the Tournaments happen and being such a success… We would also like to thank our lovely helpers and supporters who made the day go so well…
JOE the Burger King supreme… delicious
Trish Saunders for 'help'!, Sophie Spallone & Liza Roe for scrumptious cakes and Wendy Dear coming from Cambridge… Jenny, Jillie and Jill F for time and gifts and being there…
Thank you to all Scott's friends and associates for coming… Andy Petri, Steve, Graeme and Ian… and to the fab Bacon family and Joni Bacon playing & coming from Oxford! Made the day plus Kimberley, Theo and the special grandchildren…

SPONSORS who made a huge generous contribution
to the fund raising

PRINCE goodies
MURRAY racquet from Maddie
PAT CASH racquet from Diane
BATH THEATRE COMPANY for The Father tickets
BARCLAYS ATP TICKETS thank you for your generous bid from the Williamson/Trapnell family
ROGER TAYLOR for "Bally's" special signed T Shirt and the signed Bear menu
and all the Raffle tickets bought and won from everyone...

Thank you WESTSIDE for making this Annual Scott Hampton Charity Tennis event so very successful and special… in memory of SCOTT

Stephanie and Wade Hampton
Charity no. 1116860


We are very proud to say we are actively supporting and contributing to the very important new rituximab trials on children with BURKITTS LYMPHOMA at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Malawi ( where we made our film in 2010 ). We have over the years been very much in support of all the hard work this remarkable team of experts have been researching and the SCOTT HAMPTON FOUNDATION has been the image focus to move this research forward.

The outcome of these trials could have far reaching results…

Elizabeth Molyneux FRCP, FRCPCH, FRCPCH(Hons), FCEM, OBE
Professor of Paediatrics, Blantyre. Malawi
Professor Mark Drayson, BSc, MBChB, PhD, FRCPath
Director Clinical Immunology Service, School of Immunity and Infection, Medical School, University Birmingham. UK
Dr Farhat Khanim
School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham
Professor Chris Bunce of Translational Haematological Oncology
School Biosciences University of Birmingham.

We will keep an update of the progress…
and any news


We are so happy to know that this event will take place once again… details TBC

Confirmed 10am Saturday October 3rd
JUNIOR LTA BOYS U12 Tournament…

thank you Alison Taylor… (and Roger) making this happen in memory of SCOTT.


The wonderful JONI BACON is running this Marathon for the 2nd time for Scott and the Scott Hampton Foundation…
we are SO proud of him and love him very much.


Thank you all!
Stephanie and Wade Hampton

The 9th Scott Hampton Annual Charity Tennis Tournaments, Sept 13-14th 2014 at Westside LTC

See the tournament results by clicking on the gallery
< Click on the image (left) to view the photo gallery

Thank you once again everyone at Westside who have so generously supported this annual Charity event in memory of Scott Hampton who died sadly at the age of 31 years in 2005 of the very rare and aggressive cancer Burkitt's Lymphoma.

We are happy to say over £2,000:00 was raised over the weekend.

Our very special thanks go to ALISON TAYLOR for her time and support to make the sanctioned LTA SCOTT HAMPTON JUNIOR TOURNAMENTS such successful and competitive tennis events and we are proud that past winners have gone on to International success…

The Tennis Results

Saturday: Boys 12 and Under


Girls 12 and Under


Sunday: 8 and Under

FINALIST MAX CARRIER Out of 24 players… amazing high standard and competitive play.
Thank you Alison! And thank you Roger (Taylor ) too for your time, support and generosity.

The American Tournament

very happy social gathering of yearly supporters to make this a fun event…

Many many thanks to our BIG helper and Auctioneer MARK STEELE who looked resplendent in the "Wacky Suit"… thank you Mark… always there!!

And the super efficient ELISABETH BINGHAM who always makes the afternoon run smoothly in charge of order of play… Thank you for your support.

Winners Ladies


Winners Men


Most games played ROBIN YOUNG

Thank you all for coming… brilliant afternoon!!

We were very honoured to have two very special guests PROFESSOR CHRIS BUNCE and DR FARHAT KHANIM who gave a quick talk about BURKITT'S LYMPHOMA and the work and research they are doing that the Scott Hampton Foundation funds support in the trials of new drugs for children with Burkitt's in Malawi. An inspiration and reason for everyones amazing time and generosity over the years.


fabulous contributions… Headmasters, PRINCE, Liza Roe, Bob Murphy, Alex James, Jenny Irwin, Jill Fell, CHELSEA FC

The highest bids went to LIBBY ASHER for the Chelsea v Spurs tickets
MIKE SHORT for the ATP tickets
ALISON TAYLOR for the Raleigh bike
ROGER TAYLOR for the "Wacky Suit"

A very BIG thank you to JOE KIRBY and his "Joe's Burgers" so yummy and on the 'go' all day… consumed with relish!! Thank you Joe.
And of course LIZA's amazing home made array of wonderful delicious cakes, cookies and biscuits that are always a feature each year… thank you for being such a supporter with your time and help.

Thanks to friends and wonderful helpers… Jenny, Jill, Marguerite and Liza… and friends who came Joni, Jack, Rowena and Hugo…

THANK YOU WESTSIDE FOR YOUR FABULOUS SUPPORT… all your kind donations go to…

Thank you all!
Stephanie and Wade Hampton

December 7th Westside Tennis Club

Xmas… Raffle ticket drawn for the fantastic prize of 2 WIMBLEDON CENTRE COURT TICKETS for the 1st Wednesday 2014 plus lunch with Roger and Alison Taylor in the players restaurant, a very special donation given by Roger and Alison in support of Scott's Charity and Foundation. Both knew Scott well over the years and had spent time with Scott in Australia and New York and Roger's son Greg was a close friend of Scott's.

£1,260.00 was the total donated for the Raffle by all the Westside members…

Thank you again Westside for your AMAZING support and HUGE HUGE love and special thank you to ROGER & ALISON TAYLOR for this wonderful gift and prize in support of the research for BURKITT'S LYMPHOMA CANCER. Many many thanks to Mark Steele for all his time at the club taking the names and looking after the Raffle on a daily basis for all those weeks…

Scott's 8th Annual Lunch at Julie's Restaurant, November 24th 2013

Julie's Restaurant To remember and celebrate Scott on his 8th anniversary (November 18th, 2005) with friends and family
< Click on the image (left) to view the photo gallery

A happy reunion of friends and family being together in memory of Scott… and how we all still so miss him but he remains very close in our hearts and we laugh at all those wonderful fun stories and Scott's ever present spirit.

This year it was special to have with us Susie from Cheshire…
a wonderful close 'old' friend who has always been there for us all and Scott…

The very happy laughing rowdy gathering this year was the great friends… Jonny and Annabel and the fab twins Otis & Iris plus their new baby brother of 4 months Theo… pronounced the French way! James and Lucy and their 2 gorgeous boys Alexander and Thomas… Robbie and Patricia with the fast growing handsome Kasper… all the way from deepest Essex!! Fiona gave us a wonderful flying welcome visit from many miles away… Nick Cox arrived just in time to join the happy crowd… and of course the very very special Kiakides clan… Theo and Kimberley looking ever more beautiful with our much adored grand children Olivia, Eliana, Rafi and Cecelia.

Friends not able to be with us from near and far away were missed… Dan & Ruth, Hugo and the Simpson clan, Jack, Paul B, Ace… etc.

Thank you all for coming and making the day such fun and how great it was to see the next generation growing up together…

Love from Wade and Stephanie

The 8th Scott Hampton
Charity Tennis Tournament

See the tournament results by clicking on the gallery
< Click on the image (left) to view the photo gallery

Thank you Westside for your amazing support for Scott's 8th Annual Tennis Weekend.

For the first time in 8 years we were threatened by awful grey drizzly weather... but that did not stop the event and you all turned up and we had a fantastic happy fun day!!

Our thanks to Mark Steele for his organisation and exceptional auction officiating skills... and always being there when needed...
To Alison Taylor for being the super coach and organiser
of the Junior tournaments on Saturday and Sunday mornings...
through Alison's time and energy these Junior events are now very popular and very high standard.
Our thanks to Liz Bingham... queen organiser of the American Tournament... so great to have you there.
Special thanks to Liza Roe for just being amazing and standing in the drizzle and cold keeping the BBQ going... and those yummy treats...
The great Raffle team... Jenny, Jilly and Margarite kept the sales going to the last minute... thank you...
Many thanks to Peng Newman who has annually given and supported us
with Nadia Petrova's tennis outfits which are a major contribution to the Raffle and Auction prizes...
And to all the contributors with donations and gifts... Prince for Bartolli's signed racquet and Tennis balls... Waitrose... Playfull Productions... Headmasters... and ALL of you who gave very generously.

Westside has become a major contributor to the Scott Hampton Foundation for Burkitt's Lymphoma Research and the funds will go towards the programme we are engaged in helping at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre Malawi... we will keep you informed...

The total raised over the 2 days is £2,167.00 including contributions... Many thanks


The American Tournament:
JIM GAFFNEY - One of Scott's old friends - returned to the club for the first time in 13 years especially to play in the tournament, and was a fitting men's winner!
Most games played ROBIN YOUNG
(see photo gallery)

most games played TRISH SAUNDERS
(see photo gallery)

Junior Tournament
10 & Under BOYS
(see photo gallery)

10 & Under GIRLS
(see photo gallery)

12 & Under BOYS
(see photo gallery)

Thank you everyone for another fantastic Scott Hampton weekend in his memory.

On December 11th 2012 at the Ovalhouse Theatre

JAMIE ZUBAIRI dedicated his performance of his one man show UNBROKEN LINE to the Scott Hampton Foundation.

All the proceeds from the evening's performance including the sale of Jamie's fine-art cards and original artworks went to Scott's Charity.
It was a magical evening created by Jamie's journey playing multiple roles about foreignness, culture and the search for identity using live painting, theatre and Balinese dance.

Jamie is an old LAMDA friend of Scott and this was a moving tribute to his friend no longer with us but forever remembered and loved.
Thank you so much Jamie... Scott would be very proud of you. xx

Scott's 7th Annual Lunch at Julie's Restaurant, November 18th 2012

Julie's Restaurant To remember and celebrate Scott on his 7th anniversary (November 18th, 2005) with friends and family
< Click on the image (left) to view the photo gallery

A very important gathering of family and friends to remember Scott in the best way...
and on this 7th Anniversary the children were very much the new generation and energy.

It was lovely to see Joni and Annabel with 3 year old twins Otis & Iris; Jack and 7 years Louis; Nick with 4 years Rees; Robbie (Patricia & 7 years Casper unable to be there); Dan & Ruth; and the Kiakides clan, Kimberley & Theo with very grown up 12 years Olivia ; Eliana 9 years; Rafi 6 years and Cecilia 2 years... all gorgeous and full of life and fun. Thank you all for being there...

Special messages from absent friends thinking of Scott... Paul B, Lilykoi, Ace, Hugo & Tikki, Steve & Lucy, Soosie & Ted, Jenny, Jill & Peter & family, Joey & Thea, Dena....
It is difficult to think Scott is not here with us but he is very much among us and remembered.

The 7th Scott Hampton
Junior LTA Charity Tennis Tournament

See the tournament results by clicking on the gallery
< Click on the image (left) to view the photo gallery

Thank you Westside for a great success and fun weekend of tennis in memory of Scott with a maximum turnout enjoyed by everyone taking part with the sun shining all day!

Saturday morning the Scott Hampton 9 and Under LTA Junior Tour Boys and Girls was played by young, strong players showing real talent and competitive spirit.
The happy winners were:

Oliver Hampson-Evans
FINALIST Toby Lawson (see photo gallery)

U9s Girls
WINNER Mary Klugman
FINALIST Brooke Ward (see photo gallery)

Sunday morning the Scott Hampton 10 and Under Junior Tour Boys and Girls reflected a very high standard of play and signs of future professional players. The games were sometimes fought long and hard but with a great attitude.
The very talented winners were:

Ellis Short
FINALIST Maceo Simpson (see photo gallery)

U10s Girls
WINNER MJ Changwerza
FINALIST Tisa Mokhatari (see photo gallery)

Saturday afternoon was a maximum turnout for the Open American Tournament with club members and friends taking part, creating a happy, fun atmosphere.
A barbeque was on the go all day with all the burgers and sausages consumed as well as delicious goodies.
Raffle tickets were generously sold for the big Raffle prizes and the Auction as the final event of the day.

The American Tournament were:
Caroline Joy (see photo gallery)
2nd PLACE Marbeth
3rd PLACE Trish Sanders
Most Games Played,
Tie between Sophie and Wendy (see photo gallery)

WINNER Nick (see photo gallery)
2nd PLACE Robin Young
3rd PLACE Mark Page
Most Games Played,
Robin Young (see photo gallery)

The Event could not happen without the enormous support we get from Westside.:
Alison-the best tennis coach-with Chris' help - making Scott's Junior Tournaments such strong competitive and established annual events-we thank them for their time and unbelievable support..
Mark for his amazing Raffle and Auction skills and overall support and generous time bringing together the running of this annual event. Thank you Mark! We appreciate all your help.
Elizabeth-thank you and your family for all your very special skills in running the American Tournament so smoothly!
The amazing team of Liza Roe and her invaluable generosity and organization of the Barbeque.
Wendy Dear paying a special visit to be with us with her support and contributing delicious homemade jams.
Jenny for her continuous support and brilliant raffle-selling skills and Jilly being there and lending her support.
Peng-whose huge generosity and support with gifts of Nadia Petrova's tennis outfits create an established part of the raffle and Auction.
A joyful weekend in the memory of our dear Scott.


Lunch at Julie's restaurant,
November 20th, 2011

julie's lunch, november 2011 To remember and celebrate Scott on his 6th anniversary (November 18th, 2005) with friends and family
< Click on the image (left) to view the photo gallery

This has become such a special annual event bringing together Scott's friends, now with wives, girlfriends and ever growing families.

We were so happy to see James and Lucy; Hugo and Tikki with Luca and Ava; Joni and Annabel with twins Otis and Iris; Robbie and Patricia with Kasper; Nick and Carla; Kimberley, Theo and our special grandchildren Olivia, Eliana, Rafi and Cecilia.

A lively and fun get together.

As well as lovely messages from friends who couldn't be there:
Ace, Jack, Paul, and Lilikoi and other family friends Soosie and Ted, Jill and family, Jenny, Jilly and Jill Harding.

The 6th Scott Hampton
Junior LTA Charity Tennis Tournament

See the tournament results by clicking on the gallery
< Click on the image (left) to view the photo gallery

This now very popular event in its 5th year in Scott's name has grown, thanks to the support and enthusiasm of Head Coach Alison Taylor. The turnout was terrific. Played on the Saturday and Sunday mornings the Winners and Finalist were:

FINALIST CALLUM ROFF (see photo gallery)

FINALIST JORGE BELTRAO Alison and Stephanie (see photo gallery)

WINNER GEMMA SOUTHWICK (Winner last year as well)
FINALIST SOPHIE NORRIS (see photo gallery)

FINALIST ARTURO COLVARA Stephanie (see photo gallery)

The standard of play was very high and exciting to watch. Well done.

The American Tournament
Saturday afternoon Sept 10th at Westside LTC

The American Tournament played by 58 players, created a great atmosphere of competition and fun. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon. Barbeque, raffle ticket prizes and auction completed this Annual Charity Event which is in memory of Scott Hampton who died of Burkitt's Lymphoma in 2005. All proceeds will go to his Foundation for research.

Thank you Westside for making this Sixth Annual Scott Hampton Charity Event a huge success by your capacity turnout and support.
Special thanks to all our wonderful helpers without whom it would not have happened:
Mark and Liz Bingham - great organising of the American Tournament players and Mark running the day.
The invaluable help of Liza Roe for the Barbeque with Wendy Dear and both for their delicious cakes and goodies.
Jenny Irvine for her charming talents selling raffle tickets.
Peng Newman for her contributions of Nadia Petrova tennis gear.
Roger Taylor for the bonus Wimbledon tickets for the auction.
And a big thank you to WAITROSE, PWP, HEADMASTERS and YONNEX for their support.

And all of you for being there and creating such a great atmosphere.
A very special thanks to Alison Taylor for her work in creating and supporting the now popular Junior Tournaments.
Thank you all!

Wade and Stephanie


JUNE 2010/2011
"Run for Life" Greenwich

We would like to thank our granddaughters Olivia and Eliana for taking part in the "Run for Life" in Greenwich, both running for their uncle Scott. Olivia, then age 9, in 2010 and Eliana, this year, just age 8.
Scott would have been very proud of them both.

Julie's restaurant 2010 Lunch in memory of Scott at Julie's restaurant, November 21st, 2010
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A wonderful gathering round the large table in the Banqueting Room of all of Scott's closest friends and extended family. A special annual date for all of us to be together. A great atmosphere of friendship and love. Thank you all for coming.

Kimberley with our beautiful new grandchild Cecilia and Theo, Olivia, Eliana and Raphael; Robbie, Patricia and Casper; Hugo, Ticci, Lucca and Ava; Dan and Ruth; Joni (Annabel and the twins Otis and Iris were there in spirit but had the flu); Steve, Lucy and Hermione; Nick, Carla and Rhys; Rowena and Fiona. Absent but also there in spirit: Paul B stuck in New York; Paul T, Tracey and Jasmine in Sydney; Ace and Gini away in India on their honeymoon; Lilikoi in Hawaii.

It is difficult to realise Scott has been away from us now for 5 years: he seems ever present and his fun and energy is part of our lives forever.

The 5th Annual Scott Hampton
Charity Tennis Tournaments at Westside LTC, September 4th & 5th 2010

Scott Hampton 5th Annual Tennis Tournaments See the tournament results by clicking on the gallery
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Thank you everyone at Westside for making this Fifth Annual Event such a success and a great weekend in memory of Scott.

We raised over £2,000 with your support.

Giving their generous time and enthusiasm, Alison and Chris organised
the Junior U12s and U14s Tournaments. We had the maximum turnout of
contestants - a very high standard of play and competitive spirit - all the Finals went to a Championship tie break!

Congratulations to all the players and winners:

FINALIST DYLAN WOOSEY (see photo gallery)

FINALIST IMAN GARSHONG (see photo gallery)

U14s Boys played on Sunday morning.
FINALIST SCOTT MOORE (see photo gallery)

We hope that they will all come back again next year. We were very
impressed with their professional attitude and it was such a pleasure
to watch youngsters enjoying their tennis.

Meanwhile, the barbeque and raffle sales team were in full action from
early Saturday morning - and without their help, time and dedication to
the Event - the day would not have happened.

Liza's great organization and cooking, Wendy's delicious array of wonderful cakes, Peng's cooking and her contributions of Nadia Petrova's outfits to the raffle, Jilly with Yanna at hand, and Maggie selling raffle tickets to everyone arriving along with the help of Crispian (Scott's friend). Thank you also to our granddaughters Olivia and Eliana for baking special cakes and helping to sell the goodies at the barbeque.

At 2 pm Saturday afternoon, Westside was a throng of 60 happy contestants, raring to go for the Open American Tournament with Elizabeth at the helm with the help of Mark, organizing the players in a continuous round of competitive fun play.

Thank you all for making it such an enjoyable, great afternoon. The day ended with the annual raffle and auction of some great prizes generously donated by YONNEX, SAINSBURY'S, HEADMASTERS, OLIVE GARDEN, Peng and Jenny. Mark was in full swing as the great auctioneer in the making!

Many thanks for all your support and making it such a fun day - and we were blessed with lovely sunshine. See you next year!
Wade and Stephanie

The Golf day in memory of Scott Hampton, on July 5th 2010 at Merristwood Golf Club, Surrey

There were 22 players, playing 27 holes of golf and, as well as including a donation in the fee for the day, we managed to raise additional funds thanks to the participants generously contributing to two raffles and an auction. As a result, £2,300 was raised for the Scott Hampton Foundation! Well done, everyone.
Thank you, Paul O'Sullivan and Rowen Pestana, who were the two biggest sponsors of the Event. Special thanks also to James Kane for organising the Golf Day, Tom Hobson and of course our son-in-law
Theo Kiakides.

Malawi Documentary Trip to Malawi "Surviving Burkitt's" Documentary June 18th to July 4th 2010
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Wade and I flew to Malawi, Friday June 18th to join Alex Tweddle, director and producer of AngryMan Films and cameraman James Buck in Malawi where they had been doing some pre filming and setting up the schedule and meetings with the vital help of Fatima, our Malawian interpreter and fixer.

The focal point of the film was the children’s oncology ward in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre, where the film followed children aged between 2 - 11 years old coming to the hospital very ill with suspected Burkitt’s - beginning with the diagnosis procedure through to their first chemotherapy treatment and their progress over our stay of two weeks.

We were very privileged to have Professor Elizabeth Molyneux, Head of Paediatrics, as our introduction to the ward and the children. Her dedication to the welfare of the children creates a bond and trust with the often frightened child and guardian. The care is carried out in cramped and very basic conditions - often children sharing beds and in need of repair. But the commitment and love given by the Sister, nurses and care workers make the best of the lack of amenities. Mothers/guardians stay with the child for the duration of the treatment, sleeping with them or outside in the yard - the village life is created within the compound. The follow up care especially with terminally ill children is done by the Palliative group - we followed Beatrice to a
village 4 hours away where her presence and counseling helped the family through
the tragic time.

To understand the many obstacles a family will encounter to get their sick child help, we visited distant rural villages where life is lived without any visible modern amenities in homemade mud huts. The village is ruled by the chiefs and medicine men who decide the outcome of what is best for the child. We met and talked with a Madam Chief and her advisors in a village near Blantyre. The medicine man we found was outside the government hospital in Lilongwe - ready to “cure” any ailment the hospital could not provide. Inside the Lilongwe hospital we interviewed Doctor Mwali - head of the District Hospitals, a charming man who gave us a clear view of how important it is to bring together information and resources.

Burkitt's Lymphoma is the No1 cancer in children in Malawi and large parts of Africa. This aggressive cancer visibly shows itself mainly in the face-the tumor appears behind the eyes, cheek or jaw and in other cases in the stomach - and grows overnight if not treated. We watched how one protocol of chemo reduced a tumor in days. Sadly, if the disease has taken hold, the results are not so good. That is why this documentary is so important to inform and help all sources to understand.

What we want to do is to set up a program to research Burkitt’s through the medical school in Queen Elizabeth Hospital that will ultimately help these young children now and hopefully even more in the future.

We were very proud to be allowed to be a part of this documentary and want to thank Professor Beverly Griffin for bringing us together with Alex Tweedle and James Buck.

Scott Hampton 4th Annual Charity Tennis Tournaments @ Westside Ltc September 2009

The day began at 9.00am with SCOTT's U12 Boys and Girls LTA JUNIOR Tournaments - organized and inspired by Westside's Head Coach Alison Taylor. This is the 2nd year the LTA Junior Tour is in Scott's name.

The games were played in a strong competitive spirit and the winners were presented with specially engraved cups and trophies. Congratulations to the Boys SCOTT MOORE the Winner & CASPER SCHEIBLE the finalist - and the girls LUXMIE MUHUNTHAKUMAR the Winner and SOPHIE NORRIS the finalist. Scott would be very proud and happy to see the boys and girls enjoying the game of tennis that was so much part of his life and growth and through it, made many friends around the world. We hope to make this a bigger event and maybe open it up to the U14 age group too. Thank you Alison.

Boys U12s Winner
Scott Moore with Stephanieboys u12s winner

Girls U12s Winner
Luxmie Muhunthakumer with Stephaniegirls u12s winner

Boys U12s Finalist
Casper Scheible with Stephanie
Boys U12s Finalist
Girls U12s Finalist
Sophie Norris with Stephanie
girls U12s Finalist

The second part of the day was the AMERICAN Tournament - open to all members and friends. An amazing turnout of over 60 players! It was so wonderful to see so many people happy to be there and enjoying the tennis and spirit of the occasion. The orchestration of the players was organised with great precision by Liz Bingham and her dad Keith Harrison and after 5 rounds and over 3 hours of play, the winners & runner ups were presented with bottles of wine and tennis balls. Congratulations to all and especially the winners ZAMAN CHAUDHURY and SARA H KRAFT.The joint Junior winners were SCOTT MOORE & BAZ SIMPSON.

American Tournament Junior Winners
Scott Moore & Baz Simpson
Lila Simpson, U12s winner

The day ended with everyone gathered round beginning with Stephanie - Scott's mother - talking about Scott and the disease BURKITTS LYMPHOMA cancer and how the Charity is so important.

This was followed by the Raffle and auction for some amazing prizes very generously donated. Thank you to the contributors and recipients. Mark Steele - the manager - acted as the professional auctioneer conducting the proceedings with spirited bidding from the assembled crowd, for the YONEX signed Ana Ivanovich tennis racquet, 2 ruck sacs and a signed Lleyton Hewiitt poster given very generously by PETER TUFFREY - thank you. The Nadia Petrova oufits very kindly given by Peng Newman and then finally the big surprise donation of 2 Wimbledon Tickets from Alison & Roger Taylor which produced ferocious bidding betwwen Theo and TRACEY CHAFFEY - who eventually out bid everyone! Thank you!!

Thank you to the raffle buyers.... we are thrilled BOB got the big one and is off to the Veterans Masters at the Albert Hall in December.

Supported throughout the day were the wonderful helpers of the barbeque - LIZA ROE the supreme organizer and cook assisted by Peng Newman and Wendy Dear with her home baked goodies, and Jilly Hardie for being there. Their time, help and support was invaluable.

The day was finally made special for us by having our family and friends with us - Kimberely, Theo, Olivia, Eliana and Rafi; Joni and Annabel; Stephen, Lucy and Hermione; Andy, Anneka and Crispian; Stephen, Andy and Crispian being tennis players as well - great to see!

Thank you to the following important contributors:
DARREN @ PWP SPORTS for all the Tennis Balls

We are thrilled to say as a result of everyone's time and support we have raised over £2,000:00 and still counting!
It was a beautiful sunny day and a great tribute to SCOTT

Thank you everyone
Stephanie & Wade

Lunch in memory of Scott at Julie's restaurant, November 22nd 2009
To remember SCOTT on his 4th Anniversary of November 18th, we held the 3rd annual lunch at Julie's Restaurant, the following Sunday November 22.

This was a wonderful way of bringing together Scott's old friends and family to remember Scott in a loving and joyful way. The lunch commenced with champagne before we all sat around the huge round table in the Banquet Room and talked, ate and laughed throughout the afternoon, well into the evening.

Thank you to all who came to be with us and making it such a special occasion:
Kimberley, Theo and our 3 grandchildren Olivia, Eliana and Rafi; Joni and Annabel and 1 month old twins, Otis and Iris; Hugo, Robbie (luckily his Spanish job delayed so he could come!), Dan and Ruth, Nick and Carla, Fiona, Rowena (over from LA), James and Lucy with their sons Alexander and Thomas; Andy and Anika, Soosie and Will from Cheshire.
And special phone calls, emails and texts from friends here and abroad:
Paul B, Paul T and Tracey, Ace, Lily, Kevin and Dana, Jack T A memorable time for all. See Photographs that captured the moments.

Scott Hampton Junior Tour 2008
Rating U12s Boys and Girls charity tournament at Westside LTA, Wimbledon September 13-14th

The winner of the Girls U12s was Lila Simpson pictured below - one of LTA's young national stars. A highly competitive, mature game was fought against runner up Chloe Halliday - one of Westside's best young players.

Lila Simpson, U12s winner

The Boys U12s winner was Zekie Horoz pictured below - who battled long rallies with great energy and enthusiasm against his opponent Edward Kandel pictured below - with Alison Taylor and Zekie

Zekie Horoz, boys winner Zekie Horoz

The Event was a great tribute to the memory of Scott Hampton:
Westside plans to build on the Junior Tournament next year.

With the great energy and support of Westside Head Coach Alison Taylor, the Junior Tour U12s LTA Tournament was realised in Scott Hampton's name.

The Club mixed American Tournament was played out in great spirit by 48 players - and the day was only made possible with the amazing help of Liza in charge of the barbeque, Elizabeth, chief of the American Tournament and Patricia, Wendy, Peng, Alison G and overall support of the Westside manager Mark Steele.

Sponsors and Donors were Pete Tuffrey from Yonnex, Darren Powell at PWP Sports, Sainsburys, Headmasters, Bill Kenwright, theatre producer; the Olive Garden. And the sun shone!

The Edinburgh Marathon 25th May 2008 - Nick Cox

Nick Cox, a friend of Scott's, ran the Edinburgh Marathon for the Scott Hampton Foundation with his friend James, and also in memory of Nick's father, who died from cancer 23 years ago. Thank you so much, Nick for your great run and the generosity of all your friends for the Foundation!
Nick has written:

Hello Everyone,

Thanks very much for sponsoring me.

After a twinge in my right Achilles tendon from a warm up race the weekend before, I thought it might be all over for the marathon bid. But with resting through the week, a lot of anti-inflammatory gel and a very measured and gentle running approach, I managed to find the right rhythm and motivation and forgot about my heel after half an hour. Scott's Mum and Dad, Stephanie and Wade, tripped up to Edinburgh to cheer me on and James' family came up too, which was very valuable moral support.

I lost James at mile 5. I didn't stop, even when, at mile 13, I was overtaken by a gorilla in a tutu named Gertrude, who'd trailed me since mile 6. Along the seafront, past Leith at mile 16, I found a wind break in 6'4'' Hugh from St Albans. I stayed with Hugh for 8 miles, re-overtaking Gertrude at mile 18 and finding new energy resources at mile 24, said goodbye to Hugh, stepped up a gear and powered home to get a 4 hrs 15 mins finish.

Thanks to your help £1,247 goes to Scott's foundation. Nick

Nick Cox
Zekie Horoz
Nick and his friend James
Zekie Horoz
Zekie Horoz

Other Events in 2007

Kingston Breakfast run 1st April 2007 - Andy Petri

Andy Petri, a friend of Scott's ran this event for the Scott Hampton Foundation. Thank you so much Andy! Well done!
Andy has written:

I have to say it was a hugely emotional run and I am so pleased that I continued and thought of Scotty and of his Foundation for which the whole run was for, also many people were calling "Scott" (he was wearing a Scott T-shirt) and encouraging me on the final straight. I raised over £1200 and there is still money and extra sponsors coming in.

The Second Annual Scott Hampton Charity Tennis day
29th September 2007, Westside LTC, Wimbledon

The First U12's Junior Tournament was organised by Alison Taylor-played and enjoyed by a group of terrific boys and Lila Simpson, who won the Consolation Prize beating a lot of boys! The Final was fought with very good tennis between Inigo Slijepcevic and Felix Blom-who won at the end of the 2nd tie break. Roger Taylor presented the boys with their trophies.

In addition to the U12s, the Adult American Tournament had a great turnout with 52 players! Thanks to everyone who made the Tennis Day a great success, raising over £1500 for the Foundation!

Roger Taylor with Inigo and Felix
Zekie Horoz, boys winner
Roger Taylor with Stephanie, Inigo and Felix
Zekie Horoz
Lila Simpson with Alison Taylor
Zekie Horoz

Scott was there in spirit and his great passion and love for tennis was realised by all of you with your enthusiasm and the huge generosity of your time and money. His Charity for Burkitt's Cancer Research is such an important cause - a rare and aggressive disease of which very little is known in terms of a cure. It is hoped through our Charity and the support of leading medical professors and doctors, actively involved in this field of research, more lives can be saved in the future.

Stephanie and Wade Hampton