On Saturday May 21st we had a special gathering of family and friends to commemorate and celebrate his life and he was buried next to Scott. Every one shared their stories and memories and Wade was very present. Thank you all for all your wonderful messages and very generous gifts to the Scott Hampton Foundation which will continue to support Research for BURKITTS Lymphoma.

A message from Professor Elizabeth Molyneux….
“You have both been wonderful supporters of all the efforts to improve the care and treatment of children with BURKITTS Lymphoma and there are many children, their families and their healthcare’s who are indebted to you both.”

This would have meant a lot to Wade as it does to me. We made the film “Surviving BURKITTS” with the total help of Professor Elizabeth Molyneux at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre Malawi and the Scott Hampton Foundation has supported the work at the hospital over the years… which has only been possible with the continued support FROM ALL OF YOU…

Wade was hugely caring and his wish was to “save lives” which I shall endeavour to continue to do.

Thank you
Stephanie Hampton